// why am I so n00b?

Hopefully I will be getting my car back this afternoon. It’s been at Dutch Auto this week where they have been building and installing one of these:

Toda Racing Manifold

It’s a Toda Racing 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold :-). I mention they’re building one, because to actually import one of these can cost in excess of R15 000, so they have created their own version, based on this Toda. They’ve also developed their own exhaust system for the Type R which they’re installing to replace my apparently awful sounding RGMotorsport system :D.

Average gains on other Type Rs have been around 15% kW a the wheels, although apparently I can’t expect much torque as I’m already making about 210Nm on their dyno. Will have to wait for the final results later today.

Also, after about 6 months of dragging my heels on the issue, I’ve finally got my Hondata FlashPro unit. This will help tune the ECU to make maximum use of the exhaust, and with sufficient tuning, should result in a significant improvement to mid-range power.

Also, WordPress is upgraded to version 3 :-P

Soooo, almost another 2 years since last posting. Lol. That’s way worse than mithrandi used to be.

Anyway, I spend more time mucking around with my car these days and attending various events and track days than doing anything this blog has usually been about :). I thought I might as well start posting about how that stuff is going to fill some space and perhaps inspire me to write more stuff here, if only for myself.

To start with, here’s a gallery of images from a Honda Racing Club breakfast run, held in March. All manner of Honda vehicles were in attendance, our convoy from Northgate to Auto Cradle Estate was around 70 vehicles long, comprised of Civics, Accords, Ballades, S2000s, Type Rs, Jazzes, even the odd Integra. Fun was had by all :)

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