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titleImage Browser

languages PHP5
date A simple image browser, for serving images from a directory

A very simple, clean PHP5-powered image gallery/browser, which doesn’t require databases, thumbnail caches, detailed setup procedures, or other stuff you may be used to when dealing with web-based image galleries.

Nice Image Browser


  • The gallery is normal folder on your web server/site, full of PNG, JPEG, and GIF images.
  • Sub-folders automatically become sub-galleries, allowing you to sort your images into logical browsing paths.
  • You can easily create new sub-galleries and upload new images at any level in your gallery.
  • Automatic, dynamic thumbnail generation, with customisable thumbnail sizes.
  • Automatic down-scaling of large images if they are too large to fit in the browser window.
  • Easy setup, just drop the files into any directory on your website for an instant gallery!


Download Nice Image Browser

See the included ReadMe.txt for additional installation and usage information.