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titleUnits API

languages PHP
date Simple unit-of-measure conversion API

Hosted on GitHub

Units of measure conversion API, based on the work done by Units API for Drupal, though decoupled from Drupal and usable as a hosted service as well as a PHP library.

Usage as a Hosted Service:

Conversion Request:

GET http://host/convert.php?value=5&from=km&to=miles


  "from": {
    "value": "5",
    "unit": {
      "singular": "kilometer",
      "plural": "kilometers",
      "symbol": "km"
  "to": {
    "value": "3.107",
    "unit": {
      "singular": "mile",
      "plural": "miles",
      "symbol": "mi"

Usage as a PHP Library:


$api = new UnitsAPI();

$result = $api->convert(5, 'kg', 'lb');

// $result is an associative array with the same structure as the HTTP JSON response