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languages PHP5, Python
date Front-end for yotube-dl for downloading videos from YouTube

Update 14 April 2013:

This project hasn’t been maintained or updated since original release, it likely no longer functions. It’s still here for archival and reference purposes.

myTube is a simple web-based YouTube clip downloader and converter. You paste the URL to the YouTube clip you want to download, and it downloads the video using the Python-powered youtube-dl, then converts it to MPEG which can be played in your media player of choice, via ffmpeg. It then offers the converted file for download.



  • Easy install, just dump the scripts on your server.
  • Previously downloaded/converted clips are always browsable and available, so you don’t need to do the conversion process again.
  • If a duplicate clip is downloaded, the conversion process is skiped and the already converted video is served.
  • Web 2.0 styling including fake AJAX!