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titleOut of Eve

languages PHP
date API client and suite of tools for monitoring Eve Online characters

Update 07 September 2020:

This project is no longer maintained, as the APIs the game exposed were changed completely, my which time I was no longer actively playing the game, so it did not make sense for me to rewrite for the new APIs.

Hosted on GitHub

Out of Eve is a PHP web application which allows you to keep complete track of your Eve Online characters and corporations, when you’re not in-game. Because it’s web-based, all you need is a browser and internet access to keep tabs on your market orders, transactions, assets, manufacturing jobs, training, starbases, etc.

Out of Eve supports multiple characters across as many Eve accounts as you’d like, supports a full range of Eve personal and corporate API data, full item and ship reference, as well as a number of useful out-of-game utilities.

A publicly available installation of Out of Eve is available at outofeve.com. The website also has a detailed about page.

The source code, issue tracker and wiki are hosted on GitHub.

Discussion and feedback can be found on the official Eve Online Tech Lab Forums.