// why am I so n00b?

Got some more goodies fitted to my ricemobile, this time, a rad brake upgrade!

Previously, I had Powerbrake disks with street pads, and unfortunately pretty much killed them on the track. I’ve fitted a brand new set of Powerbrake front disks, as well as Endless CC-Rg pads and replaced the brake fluid with Endless RF-650 brake fluid.

As the pads are primarily meant for track use, they squeal like hell under light braking on the street, but that’s something I’m happy to live with, though I’m not sure the neighbours would agree when I come and go at night. Even though they’re not completely bedded in yet, they stop like nothing on earth.

Cannot wait to try the ‘zorst and brakes out at a proper track day next month (and also see how my ECU tune does)!