// why am I so n00b?

Things have been very quiet on the code front lately, with bursts of activity here and there.

Primarily, I’ve been hacking on Out of Eve. The structure API classes and implementation of the API requests has been bugging me, especially when I’ve had to add a lot of stuff in recent versions, it just grows and grows and becomes unmanageable. Unfortunately fixing it has obviously resulted in breaking every single piece of the application, which I’ve been slowly refactoring and putting back together slightly more sensibly.

On the other hand it’s also a good opportunity to make allowance for the new customisable API key features CCP are implementing.

Besides that, my totally rad completely unique super secret Java-powered website project is stalled. Java’s turned out to be a bit of a pain in the backside. Sure all the background code is nice and stuff, but actually making the website portion of stuff quite sucks. I suspect this project will also need a near complete refactor at some point… Sigh. Coming soon in 2019!