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titleNew Car

date 22 Mar 2022

New car from a few months ago. First time without a Civic or a Type R badge. First car not bought from Honda Westrand.

It even has plastic wheel covers over steelies.

Said a teary farewell to some old things, got a new thing. Very happy with the new thing.

I recently spent some time in Australia, specifically Sydney and Melbourne, and took a bunch of photos from a few parks and interesting places in Sydney (unfortunately I was pretty ill and didn’t get out very far in Melbourne).

I really enjoyed the number of parks and amount of greenery around the city centres.

All the Sydney images are up here.

the moon

Today’s solar eclipse, as viewed from Johannesburg, South Africa, through the lens of a Canon SX50 at 50x optical zoom, through some eclipse viewing eyeware from the 90s.

So, being stuck without access to Photoshop and my regular Windows PC has taught me a little about GIMP – basically it’s exactly the same as Photoshop with a less slick UI :D.

Also, since I haven’t really written anything tutorial-ish in many many years, so this is as much about brushing up on those skills as anything else.

This is a guide for quick and simple photo enhancement using GIMP.

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Soooo, almost another 2 years since last posting. Lol. That’s way worse than mithrandi used to be.

Anyway, I spend more time mucking around with my car these days and attending various events and track days than doing anything this blog has usually been about :). I thought I might as well start posting about how that stuff is going to fill some space and perhaps inspire me to write more stuff here, if only for myself.

To start with, here’s a gallery of images from a Honda Racing Club breakfast run, held in March. All manner of Honda vehicles were in attendance, our convoy from Northgate to Auto Cradle Estate was around 70 vehicles long, comprised of Civics, Accords, Ballades, S2000s, Type Rs, Jazzes, even the odd Integra. Fun was had by all :)

[View Gallery]({{ relref “2010-03-06-hrc-breakfast-run” }})

After the release of the “Dumb Image Browser”, (which worked/works very well for what it’s supposed to do), I thought of prettying it up a bit, and adding some extra features.

The result is the Nice Image Browser. It’s vastly improved in terms of visuals, as well as offering features like easier browsing around the galleries, easy creation of new galleries, and uploading files directly from the browser.

It maintains the same PHP5-powered, database-less, cache-less, auto-thumbnail generating system of the Dumb Image Browser, meaning it’s just as easy to get set up (copy the files to a directory you want to become your gallery).

Thanks to Korpse/k4y/K` for the new stylesheet used for displaying the thumbnails.

The ReadMe includes usage and setup instructions. Happy image browsing! :)